Planning Your Wedding


STEP 1: Become familiar with Catholic marriage at 

STEP 2:  Please call the church office at 925-825-0350 to set up an appointment to meet with a priest. During this interview, the priest  will ask the bride and groom questions to determine if they are free to marry.  If they are not yet free to marry, they must complete the paperwork dispensations and/or annulments.    

STEP 3: Couple meets with a priest in person and completes the wedding forms at this time.  They choose a wedding date and pay a $100 deposit of church fee as a non-refundable deposit.  Both the bride and the groom must attend together.

STEP 4: The Wedding Coordinator will contact the couple and provide detailed information for the process toward their wedding.

All paperwork, fees and outside clergy Letter of Suitability must be submitted to the church office no later than 45 days before wedding.  Missing paperwork may cause the wedding to be canceled.

Marriage Prep Classes

You may use the link below to register for classes offered through the Oakland Diocese. 

Register for Marriage Prep Classes

First-Time Marriage Prep Oakland Diocese Website

Outdoor Weddings