Our Financial Situation

Financial Update

I'd like to give everyone an update on our financial situation since our Shelter In Place Order.  There is Great News and some not so great news ....

The not so great news is that we are down approximately $7,000 per week for our weekly contributions.  Which is $28,000 a month. 

The Great news is, our Easter Collection was $21,000!!!!  $1,000 over what we budgeted for in 2020!

Like many families, businesses, and other parishes, we have had to make cutbacks in the running of the parish. Meanwhile we are making every effort to keep things running as normal as possible. Thank you to all that have continued to mail in or drop off your donations, Easter and weekly.  And thank you to all of our online donors and to the many that have signed up for online giving.  We are immensely grateful to you for your generous contributions.  Our operations are literally impossible without your sustained and generous support.  

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